Tuesday, December 1, 2009

11 Seasonal Punches (and Recipes) From Top Mixologists

Here are a couple of punches I created for BizBash Magazine, a magazine focusing on large scale events and parties. I also did the set design. I'll post pics here soon. For now, enjoy!

"Old-fashioned punches have made a comeback on the bar scene, and rightfully so. The nostalgic concoctions satisfy the growing attention to high-quality, well-crafted cocktails, but are often more economical than their single-serving counterparts. And here’s why punch is ideal for entertaining this holiday season: Guests can help themselves, which gets them mingling while saving on staffing costs. And if this year’s party is in the conference room, it’s simple enough to make for a small crowd yourself. Here are 11 seasonal drink recipes from notable mixologists, and a sampling of appropriate serving ware."